Graduation day is tmrw. I paid 20K for that piece of paper. I finally get it after 365 days.

I just finished watching The Giver. I balled my eyes out, starting at the last 30mins of the movie. That’s how beautiful it was, reminds me of that time I watched Life in a Day.

Canucks are off to an amazing start to the season.

I am officially done my post-secondary education. (0_0) Let’s all move to Germany to continue post-secondary education because I ain’t ready for after grad life.


that probably wasn’t necessary

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chill it’s cos your rare

the entire female population of east asia is rare?

homie ur about to be cooked medium rare and sacrificed


It got better

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This is a lion making a kill in the wild. I know it’s very graphic but I think it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be.

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Female Gamers React To #Gamergate

After hosting a #Gamergate conversation with Brianna Wu and 8chan founder Frederick Brennan on Tuesday, HuffPost Live sat down with three female gamers on Wednesday to get their views on the movement.

Watch the entire video here for the full conversation with Georgina Young, a staff writer at Gamesided, and gamers Jennie Bharaj and Jemma Morgan

I am paranoid when it comes to time. Like I like things either done fast or evenly spread out. I need consistency when it comes to timing.


A London company has designed a pen that lets you draw actual objects. The Lix 3D Pen prints out melted plastic that cools as you use it, so you can build, sculpt, or design in 3D by “writing” with the pen. Source




The blackest bird there ever was. It’s black on the outside from head to toe, and black on the inside with its meat and organs.

It’s called the Ayam Cemani from Indonesia, and they’re $2,500 a pop. Their bones are black, too. The only part of them that’s not black is their blood 

That’s metal.

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#i really don’t know which face is funnier in the last one

#wait am i his dad #wait are you my dad

He just met his fucking kid. They seriously have to make a movie about him and his kid. I would watch it.

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This year Canadian Thanksgiving I am thankful for the two new horses who joined us this year, adding to the expanding family.


Dark Chocolate Matcha Layer Cake | The Cake Merchant